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How many members are there?

Yes, your fee/donation to The Double Eagle Club is $500 annually; however, patrons can give more if they'd prefer a larger tax deduction. Or the $500 fee can go towards your annual membership to The Double Eagle Club and other donations above the $500 can be designated to the general fund, equipment, cart paths or other.

Initially The Double Eagle Club was going to be an elite club of about 50 members. It has grown past 50 members as it was obvious the employee salary could never be increased without more members. As of the summer of 2017, we have approximately 60 members and have been able to add employee health insurance and benefits to our employee's salary.

What do I get from joining?

Wabaunsee Pines Golf Course was built and maintained entirely by volunteer efforts. In 2013, these volunteer efforts were running thin and getting burned out. An idea of forming a club of about 50 members who would pay $500 annually to support an employee fund was put forward with overwhelming support. This club was named the Double Eagle Club. An employee was hired in the spring of 2014 making volunteer efforts much less needed.

Most importantly, the $500 annual fee is a tax deduction as Wabaunsee Pines is a 501C3 not for profit entity.

Secondly, having an employee at Wabaunsee Pines makes the longevity of the course more secure.

Third, all members are treated to a Double Eagle Appreciation Dinner in October.

You will receive a Double Eagle polo for joining.

All Double Eagle members are listed on name plates on a Double Eagle Plaque on display in the clubhouse.

The Double Eagle Club has nothing to do with annual memberships to the course---it only supports the ability to pay an employee salary and benefits.

Can I give more than $500 annually?

How do I join?

What is the Double Eagle Club?